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Contrarian thinking

When a sufficient number of people all claim that something is true long enough, it will eventually become true. But is it really true? When everyone else is looking in the same direction, we’re usually looking the other way. At Dunross & Co we happen to be convinced that there are business concepts and companies with potential to be found in all sectors. Not just the one that is attracting all the attention from the media, analysts and other investors right now.

Value investing

For us, value investing is the only true doctrine. We believe in investing in companies with great underlying values, which are not appreciated enough by the market. This is how Dunross & Co has become what it is today.

Trial and error

By exploring new paths we can develop and arrive at new insights. These paths do not always lead us where we thought they would. We believe in learning by doing and change along the way. Of course if we don’t stray from our fundamental values, we can make the journey without fear.

mainstream vs dunross

If enough people maintain an assertion for long enough, eventually it becomes the truth. But how good is it really to run in the same direction as everyone else?


When you go with the flow and invest in sectors and companies in which everyone else is investing, you normally invest at higher multiples. The higher valuation limits increases and profits. If the mainstream opinion fails, the high valuation results in a large drop in value and a major loss.

One of our values is to think in contrarian views. We search for companies with great underlying values. The low valuation by the market limits the potential loss. If the company develops, the low valuation and the sudden insight by mainstream, releases major potential and profit. And if we fail, because of the same low valuation to start with, our losses will be heavily reduced.





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Market value

Potential market value
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