Dunross & Co Holding Ltd.

Dunross & Co Holding Ltd., is the Dunross group’s holding company, situated in Paphos, Cyprus. Besides group related matters the company invests in Private Equity and is managing bonds investments in Breakout Nations. Furthermore, the company is an active real estate development company focused on the central part of Paphos. The first project started in 2017 and several new projects are under investigation. The company has seven persons employed and is located on 46 Ioanni Agroti in Paphos.

Dunross & Co S.A.

Dunross & Co S.A. is a self-managed Special Investment Fund in Luxembourg, located in the central city of Luxembourg. The company is supervised by CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) in Luxembourg. The company invests in equities in Breakout Nations and has nine persons employed. Dunross & Co S.A., SICAV-SIF exclusively offers shares to its Single Shareholder, Dunross & Co Holding Ltd, directly or through wholly owned subsidiaries..

Dunross & Co AB

Dunross & Co AB is the original company, created in 1990, is  is currently the holding company for a number of very interesting growth companies with great potential, such as Cellectricon AB (a biotechnology company with its own technology for target development), Envirochem AB (environment friendly chemicals for the heavy industry) and XQS AB (a tobacco free snuff company). Dunross & Co AB also provides group supporting services, such as administration and investment advice. At present the company employs three persons, located in the central part of Gothenburg.

Dunross Investment Ltd.

The Cypriot company Dunross Investment Ltd., owned by Dunross & Co Holding Ltd., was created in 2007 and invests directly or indirectly in equities and bonds in Breakout Nations and provides investment advice within the Dunross Group. One person is employed at our office in Paphos.

Dunross & Co Advisory Ltd.

The London-based company Dunross & Co Advisory Ltd, subsidiary to Dunross & Co Holding Ltd, was established during 2020. The company conducts research and provides investment advice within the Dunross group. The company has one employee.

Ägir Invest AB

Ägir Invest AB is a subsidiary to Dunross & Co AB and invests in Private Equity in Swedish companies. Dunross has historically been involved in the development of a number of companies that have grown into successful businesses. The most important investment in Ägir Invest is Cellectricon AB and XQS AB. The company is located at Kungstorget 14, Gothenburg.

Cellectricon AB

Cellectricon AB is owned by Ägir Invest AB (96 percent), and is a biotechnology company with patented unique technology, enhancing pharmaceutical companies’ possibilities to develop new drugs, especially regarding diseases in areas such as pain and central nervous system, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Hutchinson’s. The company has 13 persons employed and is situated just outside Gothenburg, in Mölndal